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Introducing Our Products

 Introducing Our Products

 Chikurin Taoyaka

 Chikurin Karoyaka

 Chikurin Fukamari

 Organic Chikurin Sake

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Chikurin TaoyakaChikurin TaoyakaChikurin Taoyaka

Food Pairing Suggestions for Taoyaka
White Cheese and GrapesWhite Cheese and Grapes

Washed-rind cheeses, which are mild and creamy, contain a moderate amount of amino acid and leave a milky flavor in the mouth. The long aftertaste of the cheese blends beautifully with the refined taste of Taoyaka. The cheese and sake could be best enjoyed when savored with Muscat grapes, with its fruity and fresh taste.

Macedonia (Mixed marinated fruits)Macedonia (Mixed marinated fruits)

Taoyaka goes very well with the natural sweet flavors of fruit. In fact, fully-ripened fruits, such as berries and apples, when mixed together and sprinkled with Taoyaka, make a perfect dessert. The Italian dish, Macedonia, a fruit punch guarantees miracles when marinated with Taoyaka.

Other Pairing Suggestions
  White fish carpaccio
Capri-style salad made with mozzarella, persimmon, pears and prosciutto
Peach pasta served cold
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