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Introducing Our Products

 Introducing Our Products

 Chikurin Taoyaka

 Chikurin Karoyaka

 Chikurin Fukamari

 Organic Chikurin Sake

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Chikurin FukamariChikurin FukamariChikurin Fukamari

Food Pairing Suggestions for Fukamari
Roasted BeefRoasted Beef

The depth of our Fukamari is crafted to match various dimensions, including foods with a punch. The deep umami flavor of sake compliments a dish as rich as roasted beef with gravy, and enables the diner to fully enjoy the multi-layered flavors of beef.

Blue CheeseBlue Cheese

Fukamari imparts a faint and mild honeylike aroma that harmonizes well with blue cheese, with all its distinctive features. Fukamari’s complex, deep and heavy umami flavor brings unity to the provocative flavors of blue cheese, allowing the taster to enjoy to the fullest the unique flavors and mild, yet deep aftertaste of the cheese and sake.

Other Pairing Suggestions
  Liver pâté
Grilled eel with soy-sauce based sauce
Fatty winter yellowtail from Himi City, facing the Sea of Japan, sautéed with herb bread crumbs
Roasted duck breastmeat
Herb roasted rack of lamb
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